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Dead Line Terminal is one of my most challenging and most recent projects!


Made during my capstone year in Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design program, it focuses on high speed, engaging and repayable game loops that offer a highly stylized game experience in every element from the UI to the soundtrack. 

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Process Work & Concept Art

Here I've documented some concept art I created during the beginning stages of pre production to communicate core concepts and visual design options to the rest of the team, as well as to explore potential playstyles and mechanics

(please click the slideshow to view the images at your leisure)

Game Gallery

Look here for some action shots I captured highlighting some of our set pieces and level layouts including key action moments and events within the games current levels

(please click the slideshow to view the images at your leisure)

UI Design

Here you'll find some of my UI work for the game including concepting and visual exploration that resulted in the final style of the UI as well as visuals that accompanied the UX for a smooth and stylistic user experience

(please click the slideshow to view the images at your leisure)



Some of my core responsibilities for this project included

- Ensuring that level building and layout / parameters worked in tandem with our games mechanics and systems

- Collaborating with Narrative, Audio, Visual, and technical teams to develop levels and layouts for the game

- Ensuring collaborative design of systems and elements that suited the themes desired by the team and fit within the technical parameters required by the project

Additionally I was tasked with developing UI designs, assets and layouts for the game including marketing elements, logos and icons in addition to some concept art that influenced the games overall styles and themes.


Madison Schaeffer
Level, Systems, UI/ UX

Olivia Cox
Project Manager, 2D Sprite Art, Narrative

Neilson A. Musa

Combat Design, Audio Design, QA / Playtesting

Ron Liew

Programming, Audio Design, VFX

Rei Zhang

3D Art, Texture Art, Narrative




Dash and Slash Narrative Driven Adventure



Awards & Accolades

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